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Introductory Episode

Introductory Episode

On demand starting January 18, 2021
at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • In this introductory episode, we’ll give you a sneak peek into the amazing content that’s coming your way over the next nine days.
  • Episode One - Toxins

    Episode One - Toxins

    On demand starting January 19, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • We’re surrounded by toxins that play a much larger role in our lives than we’d like to believe. Today, we’ll explore the impact of glyphosate, heavy metals and EMFs and reveal how the 21st century is affecting your health.
  • Episode Two - Nutrition & Diabetes

    Episode Two - Nutrition & Diabetes

    On demand starting January 20, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Today, we’ll take a serious look at how what you put in your mouth affects your body and explore the importance of a plant-based diet. We’ll also take a look at alternative approaches that are making the news and reveal if they are really what they claim to be.
  • Episode Three - Dementia

    Episode Three - Dementia

    On demand starting January 21, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Dementia is destroying more and more lives every day, but did you know that there have been successful treatments available for years? We’ll examine their efficacy and viability for preventing and treating dementia.
  • Episode Four - Water

    Episode Four - Water

    On demand starting January 22, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Today’s episode is one of the most popular from the series! We’ll explore water in all its different forms – including some that may be new to you. We’ll also look at water as a delivery mechanism for hydrogen. Don’t miss a minute!
  • Episode Five - Cancer

    Episode Five - Cancer

    On demand starting January 23, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Cancer continues to be a pervasive problem, and far too many people are suffering from both the disease AND some of the conventional treatments. We’ll explore the benefits of natural cancer treatments and how they can help you heal.
  • Episode Six - Depression

    Episode Six - Depression

    On demand starting January 24, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Today’s episode brings us back to the beginning of our executive producer’s healing journey. Trevor King was a long-time depression sufferer and set out to find natural solutions that worked better than antidepressants. He found that there are well-documented natural treatments with greater success rates than prescription medication. We’ll reveal what they are and how you can use these strategies to improve your mental health.
  • Episode Seven - Future Trends

    Episode Seven - Future Trends

    On demand starting January 25, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Healthcare is changing daily, and not always for the better. In this episode, we’ll introduce you to James Maskell and how he is challenging the American healthcare system with a completely new model. We’ll also look at stem cells and their surprising health benefits.
  • Episode Eight - Head & Heart

    Episode Eight - Head & Heart

    On demand starting January 26, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • In this episode, you’ll get a check-up from the neck up. We’ll look at the affairs of the head and heart and how the emotional and spiritual aspects of life affect your health.
  • Episode Nine - Stress

    Episode Nine - Stress

    On demand starting January 27, 2021
    at 10am U.S. Eastern

  • Today, we’ll take a deep dive into stress and how it impacts our lives. We’ll be joined by top health experts, including David Wolfe, Dr. Dan Nuzum, Dr. Patrick Quillin and many more. Discover the root causes of stress and the natural steps you can take to reduce its negative effects.
  • Maximize your chances for living a long, healthy life and turn your world into one where health comes naturally.

    Millions are spending more than $50K on medication every year as they face chronic illness or disability.

    Lifestyle changes you make now will impact your health as you age.

    It’s possible to change your life for the better, so you can live longer — and without chronic disease. There are also alternative ways to get ahead of dementia, depression, diabetes, toxins, cancer and stress.

    We invite you to join an ever-growing, global community of people who are empowering themselves to look after their own health. You’ll hear patient success stories and have the opportunity to explore natural methods for rejuvenation, longevity and vibrant health. While it challenges the status quo on aging and disease, the latest edition of this docuseries will offer expert strategies for prioritizing your health now so you can live longer and feel better!